Company Profile

Vidavo established in 2005 by a team of scientists and engineers, it has over 18 years’ experience of providing innovative solutions in the e/mhealth field from research to market. It has extensive experience in implementing multi-national R&D projects and scalable, tailored solutions. To this end, it brings forward experience in project management and most importantly in ICT-based services implementations, in terms of business potential and user satisfaction and acceptance, with particular expertise on developing Integrated care systems and specialized mobile health apps. It is worth mentioning that Vidavo has a strong core team of experts working together for the past 12 years. Our team has a vast expertise in ICT, e/mHealth, e-wellness and telemedicine sectors. Also includes experienced professionals in telemedicine applications, business development and health processing information systems. We also maintain affiliate cooperation with experts in Brussels, Barcelona and Boston, who contribute best-of-class experience and knowledge to the team. Our people are committed to provide highly quality services from implementation to technical support driven by an innovative spirit jointly to entrepreneurial skills. We are passionate about anything that relates to mobile health and high-end technology.
Main skills to offer:
• Custom medical related software development
• Integration to Vida24™. Vida24™ is a connected care modular platform, trusted by multiple users across Europe and CE0653 Class IIa certified.
• Custom wearables to serve multiple operational settings & research goals. A selection of sensors in a robust and turnkey wearable package with IoT capabilities is customized, provides a variety of options regarding: sensors, connectivity, enclosure and data access layer.

Postal Address
Building D, Balkan Center
10th km Thessalonikis - N. Moudanion
57001 Thessaloniki