Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology

Company Profile

The Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Immunology (LMBI) at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Patras, has modern infrastructure, where several projects on genetics on human disorders, pharmacogenomics and genomics are being implemented. LMBI has experience in managing national and international grants, particularly from the European Commission, with over 1M EUR funding. LMBI has been awarded with other Labs in University of Patras a 3M EUR FP7-REGPOT-2011-1 grant in the field of Structural Biology (SEE-DRUG, Proj. no 285950) for its “excellence in research and of its leadership potential”, further outlining the excellence of the research entities and their experience in managing big international grants.

Konstantinos Poulas, Ph.D, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology:

He is an Associate Professor of Biochemistry in the Department of Pharmacy, with experience in gene expression, protein characterization, structural studies and Biotechnologies. He works with various methodologies in order to trace/identify/explore the binding sites of substrates to proteins and to map interaction interfaces. He has about 60 publications in peer reviewed journals and he is currently participating in international and national projects.

Technologies / Services offered or sought

  • Autoimmunity
  • Addiction – E-cig
  • E-liquids analysis
  • Electroceuticals
  • Wireless Microcurrent Stimulation (WMCS)
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)
  • Food Electroceuticals

Technology and R&D

Research Areas:

  • Autoimmunity/Myasthenia gravis
  • Addiction/e-cig/reduced risk products
  • Electroceuticals
  • Bioinformatics/Databases

Clients & Collaborations (NATIONAL)

We participate in two National «ΥΠΟΔΟΜΕΣ» projects giving access to many first-class laboratories from Universities and Research Institutes (University of Athens, Agricultural University of Athens, University of Crete, University of Thessaly, University of Ioannina, EIE, Hellenic Pasteur Institute, NCSR, e.t.c.)

Konstantinos Poulas is collaborating with many greek SMEs, being the Director of the newly launched Health-Hub in Patras Science Park.

Konstantinos Poulas is collaborating with many international labs and SMEs, participating in HORIZON2020 proposals and bilateral contracts.

Konstantinos Poulas is creating a new start-up in Patras, called SportsElectroceuticals, dealing with the use of Electroceutical Technologies for athletic recovery and healing.

Postal Address
University of Patras
26500 Rio - Patras