Why join

Joining HBio will put you in direct contact with almost all of the most innovative, R&D intensive and export oriented companies in Greece as well as letting you benefit from the many services offered by HBio. Here is a list of specific benefits on offer:


HBio members benefits

  • Networking between members
  • Networking with basic players of the biotech sector in Greece
  • Promotion of members' activities at national and international level
  • Targeted promotion of HBio members' profiles to European companies & research laboratories, through European and International networks
  • Assistance in finding partners in Greece and Europe for RTD and business collaboration
  • Participation in brokerage events and company missions
  • Assistance in the identification of funding sources / opportunities at national and European level
  • Facilitation of contacts with venture capital firms and funding organisations
  • Assistance for the expoitation of research results
  • Assistance for participation in European RTD projects
  • Information and assistance on IPR and Technology Transfer issues, consultancy support with technology transfer negotiations

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