First Symposium on “Innovation in the Life Sciences”

The Hellenic BioCluster is organising on the 30th November 2018 its 1st Symposium on the subject of “Innovation in the Life Sciences”.

The 1-day symposium has a full agenda with topics organised in three sessions covering innovation in healthcare, how to bring that innovation to the market - covering aspects such as IP protection, regulatory paths and access to finance - and finally healthcare innovation in Greece. The symposium aims to help SMEs in bringing their products and services to the international markets and also how to pursue international collaborations successfully.

An innovation of the symposium is that it will conclude with a panel discussion that brings together representatives from multiple stakeholder groups (including pharma companies, insurers, hospitals, IT multinationals, device manufactures and patient advocacy groups) to discuss international trends and emerging business models from their specific perspective.

Join us on November 30th for invaluable networking opportunities, top-notch keynotes and panel discussions on topics critical to the success of innovative Life Science companies.

Attendance is free, but registration for the Symposium is necessary! To register click here.