HBio undertakes a broad range of activities in support of its mission and specific goals that are targeted not only at its members but also stakeholders such as national authorities, international collaborators and other clusters. These activities include:

  • Organisation of meetings/ workshops/ info-days, aiming at the promotion of networking between key players in the field of Life Sciences in Greece (companies, universities & research centres, hospitals & clinical laboratories, investors, national authorities and organisations)
  • Promotion of the business & research activities of HBio members via paper and electronic publications, press releases, newsletters, intra & extra-HBio presentations, etc. at national and international level, through European and international networks
  • Supporting business development by networking HBio members with national funding organisations and private equity/venture capital firms
  • Promoting the collective views & interests of its members to the National Authorities
  • Facilitating the settlement of issues related to the economic/ legal/ regulatory framework in the Life Sciences business sector in Greece
  • Organisation of outward company missions to innovative bio-cluster regions in Europe and inward company missions tailored to HBio members needs
  • Supporting HBio members for participation in international brokerage events
  • Networking HBio members with Greek & International research groups developing commercially exploitable technologies
  • Networking activities with basic players of the biotech sector in Greece and Europe
  • Promoting the participation of HBio members in National and European Research and Technological Development projects


HBio employs a number of "policy instruments" in order to achieve its objectives and serve its long term mission. Here are some of these:

  • Publication of views and articles on areas of interest in the Greek and international press
  • Presentations at local and international fora
  • Advise and lobby the Greek government on matters of interest to HBio members and the Greek healthcare community
  • Sponsoring of conferences, competitions and related activities in the bio-innovation space

In terms of activities that focus on networking and collaborations, HBio:

  • Organises and participates in B2B/ knowledge exchange/ networking events 
  • Organises international business delegations
  • Connects companies with research organisations 
  • Collaborates with other Greek and international clusters