Facts & Figures


Industry and Entrepreneurship

The Greek Biosciences Industry while in its early stages of development is experiencing a vigorous development phase. Established players are increasingly pursuing international R&D collaborations for the development of competitive technology-based products. Significant research discoveries have been made by local researchers and there are several start-up and spin-off companies emerging that are in the process of commercialising their innovations. At the same time, commercial companies witness growing turnovers and start investing in spin-offs and start-ups.

Strategic Position

Greece is a major economic hub of Southeast Europe. Via its advantageous strategic location it provides direct access to EU countries and the emerging markets of the Balkan, Black Sea, Eastern European and Mediterranean regions.

Research in Greece

The Greek research base includes internationally renowned groups in Research Institutes and Universities. Greece is proud to host several world-class research teams, engaged in leading edge biosciences research and international collaborations with corporate and research players worldwide.

Why Biopharma in Greece

Greece has to offer a number of advantages to anyone who is active in healthcare and considers doing business in the region.

  • A highly skilled labor force
  • Very competitive salaries in the EU
  • Global excellence in areas such as generics, delivery technologies and drug repositioning
  • Membership of EU, access to EU regulatory authorities
  • Entry point to EU market
  • Favorable geographic location
  • Pleasant working and living environment
  • Emerging Clinical Trials location with strong government support