HBio Members


HBiO members are engaged in the development of next generation analytical and diagnostic devices, characterised by their very small size, ease of use, multi-analytical capabilities and speed. This field reflects the convergence of several scientific and technological disciplines – from nanotechnology to life sciences – in the development of fully operational systems, integrating the latest research results from a vast array of different sectors in such ways as to secure their flawless compatibility within a single platform.

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HBio member companies have contributed to the increase of the Greek footprint in the research, development and manufacturing of Point-of-Care (POC) devices as well as the manufacturing of novel IVD reagents and diagnostic systems, targeting a wide scope of applications, ranging from the support of primary healthcare and companion diagnostics, to food and environmental safety screening.

Technological approaches include genomics (e.g. member BioAnalytica-GenoType), biosensors (e.g. member EMBIO Diagnostics), cytomics (e.g. member FlowCytoGen and P.Zafiropoulos S.A.), DNA barcoding and the development of custom assay reagents.  In particular, the in vitro diagnostics sector in Greece is characterized by a strong growth, facilitated mainly by a global export strategy, at the same time strengthening its ties with national and international academic R&D performers.

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