Company Profile

BIOPIX DNA TECHNOLOGY P.C. (BIOPIX-T) is a spin-off company from the Biosensors Group of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (IMBB-FORTH). 

BIOPIX-T aims to produce and commercialize a novel diagnostic device branded as IRIS together with the associated methodology for the detection of genetic biomarkers. The new portable platform introduces a radical improvement in genetic testing allowing the combination of portability with the accuracy and sensitivity of standard lab-based molecular diagnostic tools. IRIS is aimed for Point of Care settings (POC) and home-testing. Its characteristics are fast assay response; portability including a battery; simplicity in operation through a smartphone application; attractive size and style; easily adaptable to any genetic test; minimum maintenance cost; simple and inexpensive manufacturing.


• To offer portable diagnostic devices to every potential end-user, regardless of financial status, geographical location and training

• Doctors, healthcare providers and patients in both the developed and developing countries will benefit equally from our technology, which intends to alleviate personal suffering and control disease outbreaks.


• To become an innovation leader in the field of molecular diagnostics and grow into an international company with significant global presence.


Technology and R&D

As a start-up we are focused on the Influenza and COVID19.  Nevertheless, under different research grants we have developed in the past assays for the detection of Influenza A, as well as for the detection of a genetic mutation that affects the effectiveness of drugs that contain Clopidogrel Bisulfate (Plavix) for heart attacks or strokes and the detection of a specific mutation linked to cancers such as melanoma. The latter have been validated using patients’ samples and in collaboration with doctors in a hospital with 100% accuracy and in direct comparison to Sanger sequencing and droplet digital PCR.

After actual market entry with the influenza and COVID19 tests, we plan to develop further tests for other respiratory diseases such as for RSV, Streptococcus, etc. as well as for the detection and monitoring of non-respiratory related infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In the future, we also expect to validate and certify the tests for companion diagnostics and genetic mutations (Clopidogrel Bisulfate for CYP2C19*2 mutation and vemurafenib for the BRAF-V600E gene).

Finally, our platform is well suited to find applications in other Molecular Diagnostics areas such as Agriculture, Food manufacturing and Fast Moving Consumer Goods, which we may choose to pursue ourselves or licence to third parties.


Clients & Collaborations (NATIONAL)

The company is tightly related to the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the Foundation for Research and Technology- Hellas on Crete (IMBB-FORTH) as the technology was originally developed by the shareholders of the company at the Biosensors lab of IMBB. One of the shareholders (Prof. Electra Gizeli), will remain at the institute and act as an advisor to the company. Through this relationship Biopix-T is already a linked partner to a number of EU funded research projects.

Biopix-T is also related to the Patras Science Park which funded the protype development through their Proof-of-Concept program and continue to support the team with networking in relation to financing and commercialisation.


Clients & Collaborations (INTERNATIONAL)

Biopix-T has recently established two separate collaborations with UCLH (University College London Hospital) and the Pasteur Hellenic Institute, for the validation of the IRIS platform for the detection of Influenza and COVID19 using patients’ samples. Both institutions will provide lab space on premises and access to the patients’ samples. Work is scheduled to begin immediately.

Postal Address
59 Therissou str.
71305 Heraklion, Crete