ELPEN Pharmaceutical Co. Inc.

Company Profile

ELPEN is the leading Greek branded generics pharmaceutical industry. With more than 650 employees, the company ranks 6th among more than 400 companies in the Greek market, with an annual turnover of €140 million (IMS data). ELPEN has been active in export activities since 1990, with an international presence in more than 60 countries worldwide and a subsidiary in Berlin, Germany, since 2009. We specialize in branded generics and originator products in CVS, CNS, respiratory, oncology and antimicrobials. Elpen’s activities include product development, production, regulatory affairs, marketing, sales, and exports. R&D is performed in 1.000m2 facilities focusing on cardiology, endocrinology, cancer, respiratory diseases and OTC. Examples of R&D activities include the Elpenhaler DPI products already introduced in the EU markets, such as Formopen® (formoterol), Fluticapen® (fluticasone) and Rolenium® (salmeterol/fluticasone combination). We possess full production lines of Oral Solids, Oral Liquids, Dry Powder Inhalation, Injectable, Lyophilized products and a dedicated facility for the production of Oral Solid Penicillin.

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Target Partners & Collaborations

Aside from the fact that ELPEN is highly present and successful in the local market for over fifty (50) years, as a pioneer of strategy and implementation of innovative ideas and practices, ELPEN is established as the "partner of choice" of leading multinational pharmaceutical companies for the region of Greece and neighboring countries. These esteemed companies have trusted ELPEN with the exclusive rights for the sales and marketing distribution of their products.

We are open to discuss all types of partnerships, including:

  • Licensing-In ®
  • co-marketing & co-promotion®
  • Marketing & Sales (locally & internationally)® 
  • co-development®
  • contract manufacturing®
  • Third Party Services®
  • Licensing-out (ELPEN products and services, Elpenhaler®)    
  • Distribution (locally & internationally)®

Co-Marketing & Co-Promotion

Approximately 47% of the company's turnover is generated from the marketing and sales of the products that ELPEN has obtained through partnerships with several multinational collaborations.

We actively seek products that have successfully completed Phase III clinical trials, currently under registration or registered in Europe via the Centralised procedure MRP / DCP. In addition, we are willing to discuss the option of pursuing products submitted under the National Registration procedure in Greece.

We welcome all proposals for collaborations regarding products in the following therapeutic areas:

  • Anti-infective®
  • Blood and clotting ®
  • Cardiology®
  • Dermatology®
  • Genitourinary®
  • Gastroenterology ®
  • Hematology®
  • Metabolic disorders®
  • Musculoskeletal disorders®
  • Neurology (CNS)®
  • Oncology®
  • Ophthalmology®
  • OTC®
  • Renal Disease®
  • Respiratory®

Technologies / Services offered or sought

ELPEN is a leading pharmaceutical company that specializes in branded generics, and original pharmaceuticals obtained through many important collaborations with multinational companies.

Our company's production know-how, superior product quality, and strategic marketing and sales techniques have not only won the confidence of the Greek medical and pharmaceutical communities, but these merits have in fact been acknowledged by several foreign companies, including multinationals, allowing thus for the formation of solid partnerships with ELPEN.

ELPEN is housed in a state-of-the art modern facility of 15.000 Sq m in Pikermi - Attica. The manufacturing facility produces medicines for human use in the following pharmaceutical forms:

  • Dry Powder Inhaler
  • Tablets in all forms (Plain, F.C.,G.R., S.R., CHW, etc.)
  • Hard gelatin capsules (I.R. & S.R.)
  • Injectables in ampoules, vials & soft bags of small & large volume
  • Lyophilized injectable products
  • Sachets
  • Oral liquid syrups & suspensions

The aforementioned facilities are built according to International Specifications (EU, GMPs, EU GSPs, EU GDPs) that are used for product development, manufacturing, quality control, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products for human use. Compliance with the Specifications is certified by GMP Compliance Certificates issued by National, European and Third Country Inspection Authorities aswell as the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate. The manufacturing and storage sites are fully air-conditioned and operate according to the demands of EU Regulations and the International Standard ISO 9001.

ELPEN also offers Third Party Services as:

  • Product Development
  • Preparation and submission of registration e-CTD dossiers
  • Monitoring of the registration process
  • Contract Manufacturing

Technology and R&D

The Research and Development department is located in the company's newly built industrial facilities, covering approximately 650 Sq m. The department’s highly trained scientists perform basic and applied research in four parallel and complementary sectors:
1. In-House Research in areas of primary interest to the company
2. Research collaborations with the country's most prestigious Universities and Research Institutions in projects of common interest
3. Active participation in original research projects that require the use of specialized experimental facilities with the analogous state-of-the-art equipment, available at our company’s novel Research-Experimental Center
4. Clinical Research studies for company products under development or for products already launched

The facilities include:

  • A production area for laboratory and pilot scale batches
  • An analytical laboratory
  • A section for clinical projects

The R&D laboratories are equipped with state-of-the art technology, for the analyses of solid oral forms, liquids, and dry powder inhalation products. The formulation laboratory is equipped for the experimentation and development of all oral forms of pharmaceutical products for an extensive array of therapeutical categories.

Clients & Collaborations (INTERNATIONAL)

Third Party Services: Aceto, Arrow, Pharmacare.

Distribution/ Marketing & Sales: Bayer [Octegra® (moxifloxacin), Tractocile® (atosiban)], Ferring [ Zomacton (somatropin human recombinant), Glypressin® (terlipressin)], Hospira [ Retacrit® (epoetin-z), Nipent® (pentostatin), Nivestim® (filgrastim), Inflectra® (infliximab)], Italfarmaco [Legofer®  (iron proteinsuccinylate)], Venture Life [NeuroAge® (OTC for memory enhancing: iron, pantothenic acid, uridine, cytidine, l-glutamine)]

Co-marketing: Lundbeck [Entact® (escitalopram)], Novartis [Copalia® (amlodipine + valsartan)], Takeda Pharma [Vipidia® (alogliptin), Vipdomet®  (alogliptin + metformin) , Incresync®  (alogliptin + pioglitazone)]

Co- promotion: Bayer [Xarelto®(rivaroxaban)]

Postal Address
95 Marathonos Ave.
19009 Pikermi