Company Profile

Lavipharm is an integrated Group of companies engaged in the research, development, production, import, marketing, sales, and logistics services of pharmaceutical, dermocosmetic and healthcare products in Greece with a strong international activity. 

LAVIPHARM's plant is considered as one of the few in Greece with fully integrated production lines for solid and liquid pharmaceutical forms, transdermal delivery systems, epidermal cosmetic patches, creams and lotions. With operations throughout Greece, France, Cyprus and the United States of America, LAVIPHARM cooperates with well-known international pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Lavipharm Laboratories, LAVIPHARM's R&D arm in the U.S.A., spearheads both the development and marketing of its international products. The company's mission is to link innovative drug delivery discovery and product formulation technology with molecule transport, providing integrated development services from design phase to commercialisation. It achieves this with its unique solubilisation technologies and with a range of innovative delivery systems developed in - house. 

LAVIPHARM's first international product is a transdermal system that is smaller, thinner and esthetically superior to the ones already in the market. LAVIPHARM's once-a-day matrix transdermal patch of nitroglycerine for the treatment of angina is marketed in France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain and Greece and since 2006 in Canada. 

LAVIPHARM has also entered into feasibility and/or development agreements with a number of companies in Europe and the U.S. for the development of products utilising its proprietary technology platforms. The pharmaceutical product most recently developed by Lavipharm Laboratories and already approved by the US Food & Drug Administration is a new generation generic fentanyl patch.

Target Partners & Collaborations

Lavipharm welcomes outlicensing opportunities for its already developed products, as well as co-development arrangements with partners to develop new proprietary products. The company has already fully developed a number of prototypes, available for license, and has, in the pipeline, others for further development. 

In the field of SCF, Lavipharm is interested in partnerships with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with molecules in need of particle design and/or formulation to address specific requests. Lavipharm offers comprehensive capabilities from feasibility to industrial production, to equipment design and manufacture, using supercritical fluids under GMP conditions.

Technology and R&D

Lavipharm develops and markets pharmaceutical products that incorporate its proprietary technologies, such as several delivery systems, including matrix patches and liquid reservoir patches. On August 7, 2006, Lavipharm announced the approval to market its generic fentanyl transdermal system from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The product has been developed by Lavipharm Laboratories, Inc., the Group's R&D arm in the U.S. LAVIPHARM's current R&D activities are concentrated on the following fields:

  • Super Critical Fluid Applications
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Cosmetic Delivery Systems

Longer term R&D activities include:

  • Focusing and Capitalization on the company's existing technologies.
  • Expansion to related technologies alone or in collaboration with Scientists, Institutes and Research companies.
  • Life cycle management and delivery modification for new off-patent actives.

Lavipharm intends to use its expertise on a number of SCF processes leading to particle design, formulations of improved characteristics, drying and microencapsulation of proteins and related products etc.

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