Athens Eye Hospital

Company Profile

Athens Eye Hospital (AEH) is an internationally acclaimed clinic and a place where serious and complex ophthalmological problems can be treated by specialized ophthalmologists, in collaboration with a team of opticians, optometrists and physicists. Besides offering state-of-the-art clinical services, AEH has a dedicated Research Department. The Research Department assists the Hospital in its broader scientific and social mission by using all available media in order to present in a direct, understandable and attractive way all developments in the field of Ophthalmology and to raise public awareness on the prevention and treatment of serious problems related to eye health. The activities of the Research Department are supported by dedicated facilities including an optics laboratory developing Adaptive Optics applications for ophthalmology and vision science. The Hospital features a dedicated optics lab and clinical rooms with state-of-the-art fundus cameras, OCTs and refractometers. Additionally, the Research Department has a large quantity of optics and optomechanics, camera, sensors, sources, electronics, as well as a small workshop. At the AEH there is a library and conference room, where seminars are often organised.

The Athens Eye Hospital and more specifically the Research Department, works on a number of projects related to different aspects of ophthalmology. Currently there are three distinct research lines:
1. Intraocular lens research: A state-of-the-art adaptive optics visual simulator has been designed and built, capable of measuring and correcting the eye’s aberrations, and introducing the appropriate wavefront profiles to simulate different intraocular lens optical scenarios. This custom-made instrument is being used to investigate the development of a phakic intraocular lens for the treatment of keratoconus, a disease with catastrophic consequences on vision. Additionally, the instrument is used for research and development of intraocular lenses for cataract patients, allowing the in-vivo testing of IOLs tailored for the individual.
2. Macular Pigment research: The Research Department of the Athens Eye Hospital, jointly with the Laboratorio de optica, Universidad de Murcia has been working on the development of a compact, low-cost objective device for the measurement of macular pigment optical density and its clinical evaluation.
3. Intraocular scattering: The Research Department has been working on the optical assessment of intraocular scattering and its importance on vision.

Clients & Collaborations (NATIONAL)

The Athens Eye Hospital has several research collaborations both within Greece and abroad. More specifically:
-An active research collaboration with the Medical School of the University of Crete, funded by NSRF on a state-of-the-art adaptive optics visual simulator for the study and treatment of Keratoconus.
- An EU-funded (H2020) research collaboration with the Laboratorio de Optica, University of Murcia, Spain, developing an innovating optical system for the assessment of an ocular pigment called macular pigment.
- A project on the development of an Artificial Intelligence algorithm based on optical, anatomical, visual and social data for choosing the appropriate lens implant for cataract patients. The project is carried out in collaboration with Infinite Vision Optics (Strasbourg, France) and it is funded by …
Also the Research department of the Athens Eye Hospital has an active collaborations with three major intraocular lens companies, carrying out the optical and visual characterisation of high-end intraocular lenses.

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