Company Profile

InSyBio is a bioinformatics pioneer company in biotechnology which focuses on developing computational frameworks and tools for the analysis of complex life-science and biological data. The key objective of our analysis lies in the discovery of predictive integrated biomarkers with increased prognostic and diagnostic aspects for personalized healthcare & nutrition Industries.

InSyBio’s patented breakthrough technology offers unique inside path to an integrated end-to-end accurate biomarker discovery process, simultaneous integration of data from different sources and types and has demonstrated ability to locate significantly more common proteins in large scale proteomics datasets. InSyBio’s solutions are based on biological networks modeling to integrate complex biological information in many layers (mutations, proteins, clinical variables, peptides etc.) and advanced big data-oriented artificial intelligence methods. InSyBio has so far submitted its basic methods for patent approval in the US Patent Office.

InSyBio can save money and time from Pharmaceutical and Nutrition companies by accelerating their R&D tasks and assisting them design new products and also ease academia’s scientific deduction with bioinformatics methods:

  • solve effectively the biomarker discovery problem for drug effectiveness/toxicity prediction to accelerate and optimize clinical trials
  • accelerate preclinical trials by offering drug targeting services and analytics to minimize and predict side effects
  • personalized diet/dietary product selection via the identification of predictive biomarkers
  • accelerate the design of new nutritional/cosmeceutical products by locating specific natural products with predefined bioactivity
  • measure and quantify the effect of nutritional products on human proteome and transcriptome
  • provide all needed bioinformatics tool to allow the analysis of multi-omics datasets
  • ease scientific deduction via our biomarker interpretation tools
  • speed up scientific publication process by integrating biomarker discovery process and providing comprehensive reports for the analysis

InSyBio has already realized and published several research works on biomarker discovery in ionizing radiation, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases emphasizing on proteins and non-coding RNA molecules through its collaborations with Universities and Research Institutes (University of Patras, National Technical University, King’s College of London). With our unique biological network based approach we have achieved to narrow down the uncovered blood genetic biomarkers for Parkinson disease from more than 500 proposed in the literature’s state-of-the-art to 5 achieving thus improved diagnostic accuracy and providing insight about the Parkinson disease mechanisms.

Moreover, in a large collaborative project with the Biomarkers Core Lab of the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland, we have designed and implemented a breakthrough methodology and tool for maximizing the output of shotgun proteomics isobaric tagging data and can therefore answer many of the stated questions for personalized nutrition with immense scientific and commercial implications.

After winning the Hellenic Startup in BioMed Contest in June 2013, we incorporated InSyBio in UK and Greece. In June 2015, we entered the NBG Business Seeds Program of the National Bank of Greece and also signed our first contract with Nestle Institute of Health, Lausanne which successfully completed on-time. In November 2015, we launched InSyBio Suite v1.0. In June 2016, we won the 2nd prize in MIT Enterprise Forum Greece 2016 competition. In April 2017, we were finalist in International Accelerator Pitch Contest at the SWSX event at Austin, Texas. In June 2017, we win the Investors Awards at the Sanofi’s Challenge for companies in the area of Big Data in Health at the Vivatechnology event, Paris, and we were finalist at Venture Fair 2017 organized by The Hellenic Initiative. Also, InSyBio has been selected to the semi-finals of InnoStars’ Healthcare and Biotechnology Industry Competition at China, while we will attend in the final round of two competitions organized by Bayer (Germany) and Merck (Germany) respectively.

Target Partners & Collaborations

InSyBio’s targeted customers are the R&D departments of BioPharma, nutrition and applied research companies who need bioinformatics tools and services but also molecular biology and bioinformatics academics. In more detail, InSyBio client target groups are Universities, Biology Labs, Medical/Biological Devices Companies, while Pharmaceuticals, Medical Practitioners, Hospital Labs, IT Companies and Bio-Statisticians can either be client target groups or strategic partners.

Technologies / Services offered or sought

InSyBio has developed an on-line cloud-driven (SaaS) suite of software tools – (InSyBio Suite) – which assists biology researchers in identifying relevant biomarkers for diseases. In contrast to available solutions from competition, InSyBio suite is able to integrate data from various sources and biological experiments and provide comprehensive results and meaningful knowledge using advanced big data-oriented artificial intelligence methods. Using InSyBio Suite, biology researchers can save time and a significant amount of money while at the same time reassuring high performance and robustness in their data analysis.

Commercial version 2 has already been launched as from November 2015 and has already more than 300 users and evaluators worldwide. It is being offered in two main types of subscription licenses:

  1. Of one-Tool (3 and 12 month subscription) that allows customers to use one of the above tools;
  2. The whole Suite (3 and 12 month duration) that gives customers full access to all tools.

InSyBio Suite’s tools are based on the following mechanisms and computational frameworks:

  • Patented method for assigning functional annotation to all molecules and predicting physical protein-protein interactions
  • RNA-seq analysis pipeline that maximizes non-coding RNA discovery (patent pending)
  • Unique network based biomarker discovery pipeline able to locate the cause of diseases instead of their results
  • DNA-seq analysis pipeline that locates only disease related mutations and ranks them with severity score (patent pending)
  • Superior Proteomics pipeline which analyses experimental data in many layers (spectra, peptides, proteins) reducing unexploited information and missing values in population studies
  • An all-inclusive machine learning based solution which uses biological networks to model and integrate complex biological information in many molecular levels (e.g. mutations, proteins, RNA) towards biomarker discovery for Cancer, Neurodegenerative diseases and Nutrition.

Also, InSyBio provides as Open Source, the QtI Tool: Quantify then Identify Tool. The QtI tool is offering a simple command line interface for our superior Proteomics pipeline which analyses experimental data in many layers (spectra, peptides, proteins) reducing unexploited information and missing values in population studies.

Moreover, InSyBio is offering to pharmaceutical companies in the form of short projects (3-6 months) services on the fields of biomarker discovery solutions using their own data as well as the efficient identification of drug targets (using our patented technology in Interactomics) speeding up significantly their pre-clinical trials and R&D activities.

Postal Address
Patras Science Park
26504 Rio - Patras