Company Profile

HLectron (HL) is a newly established company in Greece, founded by the founding scientists of Cavendish NanoTherapeutics and Cambridge BioMagnetics, two companies that span off The University of Cambridge. HL offers medical systems aimed at improving the outcome of cancer treatment. The platform technology has been developed within the framework of a large collaborative, international project, initiated at the Department of Physics (Cavendish Laboratory) of The University of Cambridge in 2011.
In February 2019, following an evaluation by an international panel of independent experts, HL received a Seal of Excellence to execute project TOSCA, a 24-months project with 1.7 Million Euro budget. Subsequently, in February 2020 HL was awarded a grant of EUR1 million from the Ministry of Development, to execute the TOSCA project.

HL’s team comprises of experienced technology entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers, led by Dr Thanos Mitrelias.

HL has been developing two medical systems:
- MagTherm is a portable system used in conjunction with chemotherapy to irradiate, non-invasively, body tissues where solid tumours are located, with non-ionising electromagnetic fields. Clinical data collected from several patients (mostly with breast cancer) indicate an increase of 15% in chemotherapy efficacy.
- NanoMagTherm is based on injections of magnetic nanocomplexes with anticancer drugs conjugated, in conjunction with MagTherm irradiation. Animal data demonstrate an increase of 50% in survival rates, without any systemic chemotherapy.

Clients & Collaborations (NATIONAL)

HL has established collaborations with:
- The Department of Physics (Cavendish Laboratory), University of Cambridge, UK
- Cambridge BioMagnetics Ltd, a technology company based in Cambridge, UK
- National Cancer Institute, Kiev, Ukraine
- Dept of Pharmacy, University of Patras
- Dept of Physics, University of Ioannina

Postal Address
Patras Science Park
Platani, Rio
26504 Patras