COOPER Pharmaceuticals

Company Profile

COOPER S.A. Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company established in 1936, is located in Athens, Greece where it has its production facilities and Head offices. The company has also a branch office and warehouse in Thessaloniki that services the Northern area of Greece.

The manufacturing site covers an area of 7,000m2 and specializes in the aseptic production of pharmaceutical products such as i.v. injectable solutions (vials, glass ampoules, plastic bottles), large volume parenteral solutions, sterile ophthalmic solutions and sterile penicillins.

COOPER S.A. Pharmaceuticals is a proudly Greek owned company, with new shareholders and a dynamic management team that looks to a positive future ready to respond to the challenges within the industry.

Our aim is to continue being an industry leader in the manufacturing of sterile pharmaceutical products, offering essential products to the market.

We commit to delivering high-quality medicines to patients and our customers.

COOPER S.A. Pharmaceuticals R&D activities relate to the development of new branded generics and research projects in significant, novel projects of primary interest to the company.

For the last three years, R&D department has focused its activities on the development of Large Volume Parenteral solutions and Ophthalmic solutions.


Target Partners & Collaborations

Our targets are:

  1. Collaboration for further Research & Development projects, with Universities and Research Institutes.
  2. Development of new foreign markets and exports possibilities.
  3. Networking between members and information on Technology Transfer issues.

We are also searching for partnerships in:

  1. Distribution
  2. Licensing in & out
  3. Contract manufacturing
  4. Marketing & Sales
  5. Co-Marketing and Promotion

Technologies / Services offered or sought

The manufacturing site covers an area of 7,000m2 and specializes in the following pharmaceutical forms:

  1. Ophthalmic solutions (eye drop solutions)
  2. Large Volume Parenterals
  3. Small volume Parenterals (ampoules, vials)
  4. Non-sterile solutions (Enema-Oral solutions)
  5. Dry powders for injections (Penicillins dedicated clean room)

Cooper s.a. also offers Third party services as:

  1. Contract manufacturing
  2. Product development
  3. Preparation of e-CTD dossiers
  4. Distribution
  5. Marketing and Co-marketing services

Clients & Collaborations (INTERNATIONAL)

Its major manufacturing facilities in sterile ophthalmic solutions, small & large volume injectables and large volume parenteral solutions together with its quality control systems and procedures which ensure proper production and quality control standards, have all established COOPER’s position in the pharmaceutical market. With its distinguished history of past and present partnerships, COOPER SA has become an essential partner in the field of both production and distribution of sterile Pharmaceutical Products.

Our partnership with Fresenius Kabi Hellas focuses on promotion, sales and distribution, while companies such as DEMO, HELP, NORMA, VERISFIELD, HOSPITAL LINE, PHARMEX, etc have entrusted the production of their injectable products or ophthalmic solutions (eye drops) to us.

COOPER S.A. Pharmaceuticals
Postal Address
64 Aristovoulou Str,
11853 Athens