Frontier Science Foundation Hellas

Company Profile

Frontier Science Foundation Hellas, established in 2007, aims at providing advanced scientific support, related to both statistics and biostatistics, and especially complete statistical support for clinical trials in all phases. FSF-H people have a long and very successful involvement in many clinical trials, worldwide, as statistical analysts, hence they acquire a very wide experience on analyzing survival and duration data.  

FSF-H’s people have a high scientific background, with all BoD members being professors in Greek and American universities, while the employees hold at least a MSc in Statistics (with two of them also holding a PhD). All these lead to a high level methodological background. FSF-H participates as main statistical centre in many clinical trials providing biostatistical expertise in many projects. On the other hand, its members have been active statisticians in other disciplines before recruited in FSF-H allowing for a wide range of statistical applications to be considered, including official statistics, epidemiology, cohort studies, etc.

FSF-H is also member of the Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation (FSTRF) network, established in Harvard University (USA),  in 1975, in order to advance the application of statistical science, practice and data management techniques in science, health care, and education. As a result FSF-H has access to state of the art methodologies and collaboration with well established researchers worldwide.

All the above make FSF-H an expert on analysing data related to survival/duration in many scientific fields and capable of developing advanced methodologies to solve uprising problems.

Target Partners & Collaborations

We would be glad to collaborate with everybody that needs statistical support as for example

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research centers and institutes
  • Authorities than need statistical advice/expertize

Technologies / Services offered or sought

We offer full statistical services to a wide range of problems related to clinical research,  clinical trials and biostatistics. In particular:

  • Design of clinical trial of Phase II and III  including development of new designs
  • Statistical analysis of medical data
  • Statistical advice for all steps of the clinical research
  • Statistical programming through SAS and R
  • Paper writing

Technology and R&D

FSFH participates in many research projects. Our duties are to develop:

  • new advanced clinical trial designs and fully document them, either by strong theoretical arguments and/or simulations.
  • new methodological improvements for the analysis of data from clinical trials coping with problems and challenges and producing novel methodological tools for biostatisticians and clinical researchers.

Clients & Collaborations (NATIONAL)

  • Amgen
  • Roche Hellas SA
  • Hellenic Cooperative Oncology Group (HECOG)
  • Hellenic Breast Surgeons Society
  • GENESIS Pharma SA

Clients & Collaborations (INTERNATIONAL)

  • European Thoracic Oncology Platform (ETOP)
  • HERA group
  • FSFH is member of the the network  of Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation (FSTRF)
Postal Address
Papadiamantopoulou 116
15773 Athens