Dept. of Biotechnology, Agricultural University of Athens

Company Profile

The Department of Biotechnology, AUA, specializes in several aspects of research, applications and educational activity in biotechnology and biosystems. In particular, DB activities cover the following scientific fields: Genetics and related applications in biology and biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, evolution and genetic engineering, structural biology and structure-based drug design, omics in synthetic biology, cell engineering, bioprocesses and enzyme engineering, proteomics and enzyme technology as well as related applications in life sciences and industry, biophysics and bioinformatics, natural product nanotechnology, biosensors and microelectronics as state-of-the-art bioanalysis methods.

With 16 researchers as core staff and an extended postgraduate research team, DB is continuously working on the improvement of the science of Biotechnology and the extension of its applications in all aspects of plant, animal & human and microbial life. This is documented by the steadily increasing number of annual international peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, national and international funded projects as well as its excellent research infrastructure.

Target Partners & Collaborations

  • Co-development of biotechnology products with private and public organizations.
  • Joint IP production.
  • Commercialization of proof-of-concept technologies

Technologies / Services offered or sought

Services mainly include R&D and training in all aspects of biotechnology, with an emphasis in proteomics, phenomics and metabolomics, genetic analysis, bioinformatics, cell culture and biosensor-based analytics, insect molecular biology and molecular genetics& biodevrsity /biotechnology & endocrinology, effects of xenobiotics in insect metabolic pathways, novel bioassays and RNA interference.

Postal Address
Iera Odos 75
11855 Athens