HBio joins the Council of European Bioregions

15 Jun 2016



HBio is proud to be a full member of CEBR, the Council of European Bioregions.

CEBR is a membership-driven network of lifescience clusters across Europe, with approximately 40 subscription members and hundreds of cluster partners across the world.  Together, CEBR members represent and support thousands of SMEs and hundreds of universities and research centres.

CEBR's objectives include:

  • Improve support for cluster planning and management through sharing good practice and joint initiatives between regions
  • Reduce fragmentation of companies and regions in Europe
  • Transform competitiveness into cooperation between regions and clusters
  • Create a European platform for cluster-driven initiatives
  • Create a profile for European clusters on the world stage


By joining CEBR, HBio intends to facilitate connections between its members and their other European counterparts, to catalyze the development of European collaborations, to promote the interests of our industry at the European level and to conribute to the evolving healthcare space.