HBio B2B Marketing workshop

07 Nov 2016



HBio's B2B Marketing Workshop was successfully ran Thursday, November 3rd.

Professor G Avlonitis of the Department of Marketing and Communication at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) discussed the four main elements of the buying function of companies that are of importace to a seller of B2B products and services. These are: the "decision group", the "bying criteria", the "sources of information" and the "buying process itself". The decision group itself comprises 5 stakeholders, namely: the "gatekeeper", the "influencer", the "user", the "buyer" and the "decision maker".

A first for HBio, the event was streamed live to members and associates who could not attend.  


Finally, a big Thank You to HBio member Galenica S.A. for offering their conference room as the venue of the event.