FAME Lab joins HBio

28 Feb 2018



HBio is pleased to announce that the FAME Lab of the University of Thessaly has become a member of the cluster. The FAME Lab was founded in 2008 to study the (F)unctional (A)rchitecture of (M)ammals in their (E)nvironment and is part of the School of Exercise Science. FAME Lab is the only Environmental Physiology lab in South Europe aiming to help society understand and adapt to the impacts of environmental factors on human beings. Understanding and addressing the drivers of poor outcomes in health, productivity, and performance will, undoubtedly, accelerate improvements in quality of life for all people – sustainably and justly. Research activities in the FAME Lab cover four main broad areas:

  • Environmental Physiology
  • Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) Function
  • Occupational Heat Stress
  • Thermal stress responses in humans.   

FAME Lab has state-of-the-art facilities for testing human physiology and has developed several technologies available for commercial exploitation.