EuropaBio National Associations Council Summit 2021 – Portugal

07 Apr 2021



Building on biotechnology: From vaccines to economic growth for Europe

EuropaBio’s National Associations Council (NAC) is a platform that brings together all EuropaBio’s National Associations and helps to ensure coordination of EuropaBio actions throughout Europe. The NAC represents biotechnology priorities across Europe’s Member and partner countries, working together to build long term economic and societal benefit from biotechnology across sectors.

In 2021, the NAC is proud to host its first Summit focussed on priorities for commercial biotechnology development, delivering the Industrial Strategy within national and European ecosystems.

The NAC summit on May 10 will address how we learn from the COVID-19 response, to enable full societal and economic benefit from biotechnology in the future across sectors. Rapid technology development pathways, including partnering, investment and approvals, created in response to the pandemic have created new, faster routes to market. Although this was a unique scale and speed for vaccine development, it shows that biotech can perform quickly and strongly to address unmet issues in healthcare and sustainable development, creating a solution and also supporting economic recovery across Europe.

The EuropaBio NAC Summit is held during the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of EU and organized in collaboration with P-BIO. The outcomes from the Summit will include a EuropaBio NAC Position on building economic pathways from biotech post-Covid with the role of aligned and ambitious national policies and actions.

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