John Dagas

Member HBio

John Dagas is the Chief Executive Officer at BBS Pharmaceuticals, Australia. An experienced senior Executive, John has been employed in various senior executive roles which have allowed him to gain extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of Business Strategy, Innovation, Start Ups, Financial Management, Asset and Facilities Management, Operations, Capital projects, Development Planning, Procurement and Environmental Management

With qualifications in Civil Engineering and Environmental Management, John is leading BBS in its continuing evolution as the best Medicinal Cannabis company in Australia drawing on his extensive leadership experience in innovation, defence, state and local government and Not-for-Profit sectors. John’s aim is for BBS to achieve and exceed its strategic and operational goals within required timeframes and budgets and to ensure that the company develops strong internal and external relationships in order to achieve required outcomes for all parties involved.

John also speaks Greek and has completed his MBA at the University of South Australia.