Safe Blood Bioanalytica

Company Profile

“SafeBlood-BioAnalytica S.A” was established in 2011, as the merger of two highly respectful and successful companies: “SafeBlood Biotechnology Suppliers SA” (year of establishment: 2000) and “BioAnalytica SA” (year of establishment: 1989).

“SafeBlood Biotechnology Suppliers S.A” and “BioAnalytica S.A” were both leading companies promoting products in the modern Biotechnology field. After the merger, both companies contributed their valuable knowledge, capabilities, specializations, skills and experiences to the new company model, aiming to adapt to the new demands of our time and to the current financial status.

“SafeBlood-BioAnalytica S.A” following the Biotechnology evolution and responding to market challenges and requirements, provides our customers with state of the art solutions and tools to improve their scientific status.

“SafeBlood-BioAnalytica S.A” is committed to the continuous review of policies and procedures to ensure adherence to quality standards, safety and accurate scientific and commercial practice. Our company operates in full compliance with ISO systems 9001: 2008 & 13485: 2003 which are extended and strengthened by the International Service Quality Certification Requirements.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Certificate ISO 13245:2003

Certificate ΔΥ8/1348/04


Target Partners & Collaborations

Our company has also concluded partnerships with various research institutes throughout Greece. Our aim is the continuous acquisition of knowledge, the complete understanding of market needs and the promotion of stable and long-term collaborations with the research base in Greece and the In Vitro Diagnostics Laboratories of Molecular Genetics and Immunology. Our ultimate aim is to produce new products and services based on our company’s know-how, knowledge and experience.

Technologies / Services offered or sought

As a company with high-level principles and objectives, a highly qualified personnel and successful collaborations with the forefront of biotechnology companies worldwide, “SafeBlood-BioAnalytica S.A” offers innovative solutions / applications in the following fields:

Blood Donation/Transfusion

– Molecular Screening (NAT) of blood donors (for HIV, Hepatitis, etc)

– Immunophenotyping of blood cells

– Pathogen Inactivation of transfused hematherapy products

– Quality Control schemes for the transfused blood products

– Solution for the safety collection –transportation-storage and preservation of the transfused blood products

  • Molecular Virology/Microbiology
  • Cancer, Molecular Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment
  • Advanced Molecular Cytogenetics
  • Genomics
  • Advanced Immunology/Flow Cytometry, etc.
  • Cytology-Immunohistochemistry-Proteomics
  • Histocompatibility Molecular Testing
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Genetic Testing of Inherited Diseases
  • Forensics/Genetic Identification
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