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RAFARM S.A. is a leading generic pharmaceutical company based on research and development.  Founded in 1974, the company has established its production and R&D center based in Paiania, Attiki as well as offices in Neo Psihico with over 300 employees, including R&D specialists.  RAFARM S.A. is providing high quality ophthalmic, injectable, inhalation, oral solid and liquid dosage form products for the patients.  Today, more than 150 different pharmaceutical products, an expanding presence in the domestic and international market - exports and partnerships with leading companies in Europe and all over the world -, as well as a remarkable position in health professionals perception, are the result of RAFARM’s successful course.  A large investment program is in progress that will enable RAFARM to produce medicines with highly advanced technological specifications and expand its partnerships with the largest multinational pharmaceutical companies.

RAFARM has launched products in the therapeutic areas of eye disorder, alimentary tract and metabolism, blood and blood forming organs, cardiovascular system, dermatological, genitourinary system and sex hormones, hormonal preparations, anti-infective for systemic use, antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, respiratory system and sensory organs.  These products are marketed in a vast majority in Greece and through our extensive distribution network, in pharmaceutical markets around the world. The drugs produced in our manufacturing plant are marketed under our own brand names and also under the brand names of our licenses.

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Target Partners & Collaborations

In the sector of ophthalmic and injectable pharmaceutical products.

Innovative or advanced formulations and new drug delivery technologies.

Also new drug delivery technologies for oral solid dosage forms are of great interest.

Technology and R&D

RAFARM S.A. is investing in research and development approximately 6% of the turnover.

The last years, RAFARM is focused in developing a number of sterile injectable, inhalation and ophthalmic products and solid dosage forms, for domestic, European and ROW submission and approval.  Further RAFARM is oriented in the development of a number of products for the US market focusing in triggering an USFDA inspection to acquire approval.  Developments for US market accounts for 3-4 every year.

Besides its own independent activity, RAFARM cooperates with University Foundations (Athens, Patra, Crete, Ioannina), on joint research projects.

Clients & Collaborations (INTERNATIONAL)

Sandoz- Austria, SSI Statens Serum Institut- Denmark, SBL- Sweden, Health Watch Swiss- Switzerland, SMB- Belgium, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals -UK, Lallemand Pharma Int.- France.

Postal Address
12 Korinthou Str.
N. Psihico
154 51 Athens
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