Embio Diagnostics

Company Profile

EMBIO Diagnostics (EMBIO) is the world leader in cell-based biosensors and an expert in the dissemination of biosensor technology at a global scale. The company's two landmark products are the Bioelectric Recognition Assay (BERA) cell biosensors and the Molecular Identification through Membrane Engineering (MIME) technology, which are widely appreciated as standard analysis tools for mass screening of chemical and biochemical compounds.

Target Partners & Collaborations

Medical: Point-of-care (POC) monitoring of inflammatory and chronic disease, post- operative recovery, infectious disease. 
Food Safety: Monitoring the quality of Agriculture Supply Chain from farm-to-fork. 
Environmental and Water Safety: On-site monitoring of environmental pollutants.

Technologies / Services offered or sought

The BERA technology has many potential applications and can be modified to detect a wide range of new or mutated analytes. Artificial Neural Networks are used for the automated processing of biosensor signals. Most of the products and technologies are patented worldwide. BERA has been tested and validated by a very large number of organizations and companies worldwide. The innovative aspects of BERA are summarized in the following Table:

Methods  Before BERA With BERA
Speed Low (several hours) High (three minutes)
Sample pre- treatment Extensive None to minimal
Cost/test US $6-300 US $2-6
Training_Lab infrastructure requirements High End- user friendly operation, on site capabilities
Capacity Low: few samples/day  Hgh: several hundred samples/day







EMBIO, also offers Cybersecurity services for Cyprus. Services offered include: Secure Website Design, Software Engineering, Threat Assessment, Tailor Solutions for Small Business, Mail encryption and Intrusion Testing.

Technology and R&D

Our pipeline includes the following products and detection capabilities:

  • FOODALERT-Total Pesticide Screener™: rapid detection of pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals in food, drinks and water.
  • TCA Safe™: detection of TCA – 2,4,6-trichloroanisole in cork and wine.
  • Mycotoxins: Aflatoxins M1, B1, B2, G1, and ochratoxin tests.
  • Free radicals as an early marker of inflammatory/metabolic disease.
  • Hepatitis B and C.
  • BERAKINETIC™: Studying cellular molecular interactions: the tool of choice for rapid publishable results.

Clients & Collaborations (INTERNATIONAL)

EMBIO current customers include major agricultural cooperatives in Greece, such as ALMEE (peaches) and SEKE SA (tobacco), the Portuguese company SSI AGRI (covering also Spain and part of South America) and the Dutch company Toronado. EMBIO has entered last-stage negotiations for selling 500 BERA workstations to the government of the Russian Federation, with the option to increase this number by tenfold within the next five years. Recently, EMBIO has expanded its international network of customers to cover critical market regions.

  • EMBIO started a collaboration (including pilot trials) with the world's biggest tobacco trading company, Alliance One International (www.aointl.com).
  • The AFRIBERA initiative was launched, planning to revolutionize infectious disease screening in Africa. Government-level collaboration has been agreed upon in several countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and Mozambique.
  • A new BERA-based product was developed, for the detection of the carcinogenic 2,4,6-trichloroanisol (TCA) in wine, an international target of analytical laboratories. This was done in collaboration with the University of Barcelona. Following this development, EMBIO started a collaboration with Portugal Cork(www.portugalcork.com), the world's largest producer and distributor of cork.
  • EMBIO signed a collaboration agreement with the diagnostic instrument manufacturer BIOSURFIT (www.biosurfit.com).
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