Company Profile

Cloudpharm is an IT pharmaceutical R&D company founded in 2015 and established in Greece. We focus on drug design and virtual screening techniques for the identification of molecules with pharmacological interest, with emphasis on natural products. We offer drug identification protocols, as well as in silico services for selected drug targets. Cloudpharm has brought together the scientific expertise in drug discovery, efficient cloud and IT resources to deliver integrated solutions to academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Target Partners & Collaborations

Our core business focuses on the identification and patenting of new drug and cosmetics entities with an expertise in natural products. We are interested in collaborating with medicinal chemistry companies for the discovery of new drug leads. We are also interested in working with Pharma or cosmetics R&D departments for the development of novel synthetic or natural product based compounds.

Technology and R&D

Cloudpharm has established collaborations with Universities and research institutes on long term drug development projects, aiming to develop novel agents for neurodegenerative diseases, skin diseases and cancer.

Postal Address
Leoforos Syggrou 190
17671 Athens